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Tech Startups Come Up With Some Creative Definitions for Profitable

Last September, SpoonRocket was running out of money. Founders of the Berkeley, Calif., meal-delivery company had initially sold investors on aggressive expansion plans and the promises of a high-growth business. By the time it completed a planned rollout to San Diego and Seattle early last year, the funding environment had changed. Venture capitalists

Party on the helipad! My day sipping champagne with the superyacht set

Basketball courts, recording studios, deep-sea submarines, helipad party decks our writer gets a taste of the latest must-have accessories in superyacht designA 30,000 bottle of limited-edition Hennessy cognac stands in a corner of the Saatchi Gallery, guarded by a pair of burly bouncers, while guests admire leather-clad bicycles, models of

Transforming a motorcycle city: the long wait for Hanoi’s metro

Vietnams first metro system continues to be delayed, but in a city with more motorbikes than households and whose love affair with the car is only increasing the real obstacle may be shifting public attitudesHunkering down under a sliver of shade along Cau Giay Street, west of Hanois city centre,

Fear of the light: why we need darkness | Amanda Petrusich

The Long Read: Light pollution conceals true darkness from 80% of Europe and North America. What do we lose when we can no longer see the stars?Every civilisation we know of has devised a system scientific, religious, what have you to make sense of the night sky. The mystery of

The Green Backlash Against Black Friday

Ditch the six-hour Walmart line and get back to nature, y’all.On Black Friday, Kentucky native Clinton Lewis wont be rushing to the mall for deals. The photographer wont be fatigued from a six-hour line outside Walmart, or stressed from pushing through crowds. Hell be outside at Low Hollow in Bowling