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A Gift Guide For The Badass Adventurous Woman In Your Life

Is your significant other a restless adventurer? The type whod rather be away than at home? Look no further. Her holiday wish list is right here: 1. Packing compression cubes Light packing is really about smart packing, and avid travelers agree that these sacks, which contain an extra compaction

How to send the best holiday e-card

A survey of 2,000 people found that almost three out of four would prefer to receive a traditional Christmas card rather than a greeting by social media or text.Image: John Stillwell/PA Wire/PA ImagesDon't.* Easy, right? Listen, we get it: Putting together a paper holiday card is time-consuming and costly. So-called

The Comprehensive Myers-Briggs Gift Guide

Having trouble deciding what to get your friends and loved ones for the holidays this year? We’ve got your back. This year, we collected the wackiest, wildest and weirdest items we could find on Shop Catalog and then categorized them by personality type. Click on your loved