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Bernie Sanders has a problem: sometimes greed is good

Put human beings in close proximity to money, and its inevitable that the greed impulse will flare out of control. The question is: what do we do about it?Bernie Sanders has a problem. Sometimes greed is good. Imagine, for a minute, that your employer tells you that hes going to

Party on the helipad! My day sipping champagne with the superyacht set

Basketball courts, recording studios, deep-sea submarines, helipad party decks our writer gets a taste of the latest must-have accessories in superyacht designA 30,000 bottle of limited-edition Hennessy cognac stands in a corner of the Saatchi Gallery, guarded by a pair of burly bouncers, while guests admire leather-clad bicycles, models of

How brands can take advantage of virtual reality

Image: Getty Images/Blend ImagesVirtual reality (VR) is all the rage. Premium publishers like USA Today, the New York Times, and AOL are jumping on the bandwagon to prepare. Google is working on a VR version of Chrome. NBC and Samsung are broadcasting the summer Olympics in VR. Hulu, Crackle, Jaunt,

What to do when playing phone tag with a recruiter

Image: Frederic Cirou/Getty Images/PhotoAltoIf a recruiter were to call you while you were driving, what would you do? Well, if youre anything like me, you might be tempted to cross four lanes of traffic and pull over as quickly as possible so you could take the call and (hopefully) land

How Facebook’s last year shows dominance in mobile advertising

Icon of Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger (Facebook's proprietary messaging app) alongside other social media apps on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone's touchscreen.Image: Getty ImagesThere's plenty of shiny toys to look at when it comes to Facebook Oculus Rift, WhatsApp, Messenger and ambitious plans to bring the internet to every corner of

3 Solutions To Whats Holding You Back From Quitting Your 9-To-5

Call me new school,but Im done with the 9-to-5, sit-in-your-cubicle-and-pluck-away-at-your-keyboard jobs. It’s hard for me to comprehend how some people choose to carry out work they find meaningless for 40 (plus) hours a week their whole lives. I recently finished my one-year master’s program at UCSD, and I quit