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“Sexy Pennywise” Is The Must-Have Costume For Holloween 2017

When Suicide Squad was released in August last year, it received less than favourable ratings, but overnight it spawned a Halloween sensation. On October 31, 2016, Harley Quinn and the Joker reigned supreme at every party. So, when Steven King’s iconic horror story, IT, was adapted for the screen and released this September,

In death, an artist and a young woman meet

Without the rape and murder of a fellow University of Iowa student, artist Ana Mendieta, who herself died mysteriously aged 36, might never have achieved fameAt the back left corner of a pitch-black room, a womans face flickers on a television screen. Her eyes are closed, her lips are full,

Eric Gill: can we separate the artist from the abuser?

Eric Gill was one of the great British artists of the 20th century and a sexual abuser of his own daughters. A new exhibition at Ditchling asks: how far should an artists life affect our judgment of their work?Last October, I was one of 25 delegates at a workshop day

Why handmade items are the new height of luxury

Most true works of art are created by hand because it is a matter of essence. They are sought-after and their shapes, materials and details strike a balance between new trends and tradition. Also, they are an extension of the character of those possessing them. Culled and curated from