How to Detect a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Work in any competitive field long enough, and you’re bound to run into a wolf in sheep’s garment. It’s a powerful image. A shepherd watches over his flock to protect them from damage. He’d chase away any predator that tried to make its route into the flock. A clever wolf wearing the skin of a sheep as a disguise can sneak by the vigilant shepherd and get into the herd undetected.

The story isn’t merely a colorful description-it’s a warn to all of us to beware the wolf in sheep’s dres. They may seem innocent, but they have ulterior motives. They’ll use different tactics to camouflage their intentions.

The person who is kind to you, but undercuts you when you aren’t around is a wolf in disguise. A wolf in sheep’s clothing might pick your brain for ideas and then pass them off as their own to get a promotion. They’re always looking out for themselves at the expense of everyone around them.

Wearing a Disguise Has Its Advantages

People don’t go out of their route to manipulate others unless they’re getting something out of it. Concealing their aims devotes wolves the chance to manipulate other people to advance their own agenda. They know that what they’re trying to do wouldn’t be popular, or it might cause conflict if they presented themselves honestly.

They’ll be able to do what they want with less interference if they put on an act. By the time people figure out their true motives, the wolf has what it wants.

Signs That Someone Is a Wolf in Disguise

They live to take power instead of empowering others. A wolf utilizes people as stepping stone to get the things that they want. They don’t care what happens to anyone else. A wolf at work might attain you look bad during a presentation to construction themselves appear amazing in front of the boss. Wolves seem sweet on the outside, but they’ll prove you their teeth. If wolves revealed their true identity, people wouldn’t associate with them. They develop a friendly or kind persona, but they can’t keep up the act 24/7. Eventually, they’ll uncover their aggressive tendencies. A wealthy person who likes to break the law may build sizable charitable donations to convince people that they are kind and thoughtful. These gifts largely keep them out of trouble, but if someone calls them out, they destroy that person’s reputation to stifle the criticism. They manipulate through emotions to get what they want. Wolves know that they can get ahead by appealing to your emotions. They find out what you want and need, and they give you just enough to keep you quiet and compliant. Imagine that your boss is a wolf in sheep’s garment, and you want to ask for a vacation. She might try to play on your remorse and impressions of insecurity to get you to skip vacation or take fewer days off. A wolf will charm you first. Wolves are experts at manipulating the people around them. They appear interested in whatever you’re doing, and you’ll get the impression that they care. After they get you where they want you, they do just enough to keep you on the hook. This is the coworker who may start out being your friend, but they end up dumping responsibility onto you. When they see that you are growing frustrated, they’ll surprise you with something to charm you some more. Then, they’ll continue to do whatever they want. Their tales are full of holes. Calling a wolf out is the surest way to induce them writhe. When this person tries to come up with a narrative, it won’t construct much sense because they are improvising. The classic instance of this is the significant other that you suspect has cheated on you. When you ask them why they came home so late, they’ll either become upset with you, or they’ll make up a weak justification.

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