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Lattes Are Being Served Inside Avocados And Everyone’s So, So Conflicted

It looks like our favorite health food and breakfast drink are joining forces, and were not entirely sure what to think.

No one can resist the temptation of avocados. Theyre the inspiration behind cafesand the tasty snackyou need for a mid-day pick-me-up. Extra guac is never a question, people.

Lattes are equally as irresistible. Though a different taste and sensation, the morning beverageproduces the same desirable effects as avocados.


But lattes and avocados ?! Now youre just acting crazy.

Stop it, we dont want to hear about this bizarre new drink. Its just not right.

If youre heading Down Under in the near future, you have the option ofswinging byTruman Cafe in Melbourne for a sightyou can only see to believe.

The Aussie cafe has decided to start serving avolattes yes, .

If youve had enough of the mystical creature crazeat Starbucks, this is certainly an interesting alternative.

Sounds like a healthy option right? Well, take a look at the coffee concoction for yourself and see if youre brave enough to sip it.

Doesnt it just seem ? Quite honestly, I dont care if it is the next coffee craze to hit the states, I like my avocados in guacamole and my coffee in plain ol cups.

Judging from the reaction online, it seems I am not the only one who feels this this mixture is uncalled for.

Sarah Cohen is not about that life.


Gisli cant get over those hipsters and their funky ways!


Some think this is just a weak attempt to be cool.


You cant make this stuff up.


Is this the end?


Regardless of what happens next if this funky new order makes its way to the US I think Im going to stick to my usual: grande black iced tea unsweetened. It doesnt look terribly pretty, and its not the coolest thing out there, but it certainly tastes the best!

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