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This 9-Year-Old Girl Could Totally Kick Your Ass

1What were you doing when you were 9 years old? Via: Miami HeraldIf you’reMilla Star Bizzotto, you’re training every day in Miami to get your 4-foot-tall body ready for an extreme event that a majority of adults could never complete. 2The event called BattleFrogs 24-hour Xtreme race is an

The time-sucking, dopamine-boosting science of fantasy baseball

(CNN)Spring training is underway, and for millions of baseball fans that means it's time to start over-analyzing players and stats to fill their not-real, totally-made-up team rosters. Welcome to a new season of fantasy baseball.Today, fantasy sports is a multibillion-dollar industry. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 56.8

This Is MSNBC’s De Facto Ombudsman

On Monday, The Wrap reported that MSNBC would not be renewing its contract with contributor Sam Seder in the wake of an online smear campaign led by a group of well-known far-right trolls and racists. MSNBC chose to side with the racists. The person leading the charge against Seder was