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For Catalans, the Question Is Compliance or Defiance to Madrid

Normal weekend routines like shopping, soccer and strolling prevailed in Catalonia even as the first test of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s decision to take over the breakaway region approached, with Catalans weighing compliance versus defiance. When schools and government offices open Monday, teachers and civil servants will decide whether to

Madonnas Touching Prince Tribute and the Diva-Dominated Billboard Music Awards

It was a night of defied expectations. Madonna’s Prince tribute wasn’t a train wreck, and the otherwise pointless Billboard Awards showcased the industry’s undeniable girl power. ">When it is announced that Madonna, of all artists, is giving the first major Prince tribute at a music awards showand, hell, that yet

17 Smart Ways Happy Couples Do Love Differently

1. They value experiences over expensive gifts, choosing to spend time together over spending money on each other. 2. They say I love you every single day, even when theyre frustrated with each other, because they really do feel that way on good days and bad. 3. They also

‘We pray that this clinic stays open’: India’s surrogates fear hardship from embryo ban

A new law stopping Indian women carrying babies to term for foreigners has devastating effects on women at a Gujurat clinic and couples from across the worldIn the reception of the Akanksha fertility clinic, Dr Nayna Patel has an article pinned to the wall. Anand clinic creates milestone with 1,001st