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After Losing A Cat, This Couple Found A Note From A Stranger Revealing How Their Kitty Changed Her Life

This UK-based couple was heartbroken when their pet Bear the cat suddenly passed away. Little did they know, however, that soon they would get a note from a stranger that would reveal something surprising about their beloved kitty. While still alive, Bear was inseparable with his brother Teddy, who

6 simple WhatsApp tricks for beginners

Maybe your Peace Corps volunteer sister asked you to download WhatsApp to keep in touch with her abroad. Or you heard about the stranded English hikers who were rescued after they sent a WhatsApp selfie.Perhaps you've seen news coverage about how the governments of Iran and Brazil are challenging

I Illustrated Disney Princesses As Modern Day Girls Living In The 21st Century

Hi, I’m Anoosha. I’m a children’s book illustrator and character designer for animation. I love Disney princesses, and in my spare time I created a series of digital illustrations of what I imagine these girls would be like as 21st century teens/young adults. I tried to be accurate to their