Dad Misses Shift for Son’s Birth–Receives Text at 1 A.M., “You’ve Been Terminated”

Welcoming a child is one of the most exciting times of any parent’s life. But for the Austin family, a new job for dad meant

Bangkok bars can please the eyes; here are 9 of the most stunning

(CNN)In Bangkok, The Bookshop bar confounds laws of gravity with its upside-down, every-which-way bookcases and "floating" books. In CentralWorld's trendy Groove wing, Tales of

Personal Development

Tony Robbins: How to Understand Yourself (Tony Robbins Motivation)

People will stop me all the time ask me these different questions but most people do question like what's it take to get rich and

Current Affairs

The Secret Family Behind The Rise Of Brietbart News

So, we've heard a lot less, Vicky, of the Mercers than we have, I guess, some other Republican stalwarts. Sheldon Adelson makes a little cameo